VUDF members in SBS Korea TV Segment

VUDF founders Vidal De La Cruz and Kim Kirill provided support to our Darts Prince Konkuk shop owner 장현철 when he asked us to participate in a TV segment involving his dart shop.

We weren't really sure what to expect as it was short notice and no specific details were given to us. But we're always ready to help our friends in need.

Along with our friend 최성현, Kirill, Vidal, and 장현철 were recorded discussing different aspects of playing darts and testing our dart skills with a few interesting challenges.  We were expecting to play some friendly darts matches, but we soon found ourselves piercing holes in newspaper, tangerines, and grapes!

It was our first time being involved in a scripted reality show, and we were asked to redo several things to create the desired effect.  But thankfully, our darts flew well so the challenges required very few re-takes.  We had no idea how the video might be edited, but we were quite pleased with the final broadcast.

Being a simple public broadcasting TV segment, no obvious product advertising was permitted, but Cuesoul custom darts, ROST and TERO flights, and darts sleeve were low-key on display.  Even Vidal's toddler son made an small appearance in the segment, participating in celebrations of success.  

You can watch the entire 8:31 SBS video in this YouTube link: