2. TERO AK4 Dart Flight, Lawrence Illagan Player, Kite Shape

VICE Union Darts FriendsSKU: CSAK4+1FZ-1

Color: Black
Design: Gunner Kite-1
In stock


Thoughtful micro-line design on the flight seat to set another reinforcement shape during flight, strongly keep the seat shape, double protection
Avoid tearing. It can also guide you to cut along the lines, remove and change broken edges.
Fly into smaller shapes and even other shapes to create new freestyles.

Reinforcing ribs are molded into the top and bottom of each flight sheet to better protect the flight from tearing when shooting.
Specially designed air holes at the end of the tube ensure smooth telescopic and rotational operation.
Precision molding ensures the flight stays at 90 degrees for the perfect angle on each shot and makes the flight fit the AK7 shaft snugly without wobbling as the flight turns.
Size: Combine with TERO AK7,8 size available.
Weight: TERO AK4 flight, 0.8g/pc, TERO AK7 shaft, 0.8/pc, combo weight, 1.6g

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