5. CUESOUL TERO AK7 built-in spring telescopic dart shaft, gradient color, 4-piece set


Color: Green
Size: B
In stock


The octagonal shape of the corner of the shaft screw makes it easier to tighten or loosen the shaft than a regular screw.

Additional twin reinforcing lines molded into the screw ends to further secure the shaft to the barrel after each shot.

Set includes 4 TERO shafts.

With a modern and attractive flight pattern design in 6 colors (green/blue/light green/purple/pink/yellow), you can mix and match them to suit your personal style.
A total of 6 sizes are available.

Weight: TERO AK4 flight, 0.8g/pc, TERO AK7 shaft, 0.8/pc, combo weight, 1.6g

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