2. CUESOUL TERO AK4 Dart Flight, Lawrence Ilagan Player, Diamond Shape

VICE Union Darts FriendsSKU: AK4+1ZSLI-1

Color: Black
Design: Gunner Original
In stock


On Nov. 1st, 2019, CUESOUL invited the best Philippine Dart Player, Mr. Lawrence Ilagan as our sponsored player. To celebrate Mr. Ilagan on board, we launched this TERO Diamond flight design for all his fans.

Considerate micro-line design on flight sheet to set up another reinforce shape on flight,strongly keep the sheet in shape,dual protection to
avoid torn off.What's more,it could also guide you to cut according to the line ,to remove the broken edge and change the
flight to a smaller shape,even in a different shape,make your new free style.
Size: combine with TERO AK7,8 Size available.
Weight : TERO AK4 flight,0.8g/pc ,TERO AK7 shaft,0.8/pc, combo weight,1.6g

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