1. CUESOUL NYTRO CUSTOM DESIGNS 19g Soft Tip 90% Tungsten Dart Barrel Set, Front Loaded Shape (2 options)

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VICE Union Darts FriendsSKU: CS-NYTRO-19-8P

Design: NYTRO Original Mod (Ver. 1)
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Barrel weight 19g, Length 45mm, Diameter - 7.5 mm Max., with added parallel cuts at the middle of the barrel.

Ver. 1 has 8 slim parallel cuts to add an aggressive grip area behind the front loaded bulb area - all other dimensions remain identical to the original Jazz Metal Front Loaded design.  Greatly improves your control of the barrel allowing you to reduce grip pressure in this location, yet still be able to utilize forceful propulsion toward the board.

Ver. 2 has 6 wide parallel cuts and with the minimal space between parallel grooves, and it creates a hexagon feel with an extremely aggressive grip area behind the front loaded bulb area.  An additional change from the original is the 1.1mm diameter immediate transition between the grip area and the Front Loaded area. This allows you to find consistent finger placement on the barrel.  These additional modifications enhance your control of the barrel increasing your confidence using this set.

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