5. CUESOUL TERO AK7 Dart Shafts Built-in Spring Telescopic Gradient Color, Set of 4 pcs (6 Color Options & 5 Sizes)


Color: Green
Size: B
In stock


This innovative TERO AK7 shafts are new patent system from CUESOUL, well-designed built-in spring telescopic and rotation combo system (combine with AK4 flights), perfect for soft tip and steel tip darts. Rotation (without wobbling) any allows each dart to be more closer together, avoids flights ripped out caused by hitting previous dart, telescopic prevent dart's deflection when hit the previous dart, both assure the flights more durable use. This TERO system help your darts fly more stable and true, it will keep you from having to pick up flights in the heat of a dart game.


Octagon shape on edge of shaft screw help to tighten or loose the shaft more easily than a common one.

Extra twin strengthening line moulded at the end of screw to hold the shaft more incredibly tight to the barrel, after each shot.

Set include 4 pcs TERO shafts. 

Total 6 colors available (green/blue/light green/purple/pink/yellow), with modern and attractive pattern design on flights, you could also mix-match for your personal style.
Total 6 sizes available.

Weight: TERO AK4 flight, 0.8g/pc ,TERO AK7 shaft, 0.8/pc, combo weight,1.6g

Display in CUESOUL gift bag.


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