5. CUESOUL TERO Plus Dart Shaft and Flights STANDARD SHAPE, Set of 3 (3 Sizes & 5 Color Options)

CuesoulSKU: CS-AK7P+1E50

Color: Black
Size: E - 50mm
In stock


--Fully new well-designed built-in springs telescopic and rotating combo system.
--Rotation(without wobbling) allows each dart/flights to get tighter groupings;
--The unique design avoids darts bounce out or flights damaged caused by close grouping.
--Double direction telescopic is designed to absorb impact and minimize the darts deflection and/or Robin Hood shots.

--A carbon fiber composite core throughout the shaft is used to minimize weight while reinforcing good flexibility.

--Reinforcing rib molded on upper and bottom of each flight sheet to protect flights
from tearing in games;
--5 colors available (black/white/yellow/green/blue)
--3 Lengths available.
This TERO+ flight system make the flights more durable use. help your darts fly more stable and true, to help improve your darts level. Perfect for soft tip and steel tip darts.

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