7. CUESOUL TOUCH -Point Soft Tip Dart Point 2BA, 80 PCS - 7* Color Options / 3 Sizes

CuesoulSKU: CSDA-A1119

Color: Black
Size: Short - 24.5mm
In stock


-Package of 80 PCS

-Can be used with CUESOUL TOUCH-Case

-Portable and convenient for replacing broken or worn out tips during a match.

-Total 6 colors available (*7 colors available for X SHORT only)

-Fits all standard 2BA screw thread darts.

-Size 1: Tip Length: 26.2mm, not including screw threads.

-Size 2: Tip Length: 24.5mm, not including screw threads.

-Size 3: Tip Length: 19mm, not including screw threads.

-Tip Weight: 0.28g



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