CUESOUL JAZZ-METAL NYTRO CUSTOM DESIGNS 20g Soft Tip 90% Tungsten Dart Barrel Set, Front Loaded Shape (2 options)

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Barrel weight 20g, Length 50mm, Diameter - 7.5 mm Max. - with 6 added parallel cuts at the middle of the barrel.

These are custom barrel sets, based on the original Jazz Metal Front Loaded Soft Tip design. 

This is the 3rd update to the original NYTRO custom design. This is a 20-gram version adding 5mm of length to the barrel.  In addition, the grip area is 0.5mm slimmer than the previous versions.  The nose of the barrel has been reimagined, adding a sizeable groove for positive finger placement. This design further improves your control of the barrel with definitive finger placement.

A 4th experimental design was made, where 5 parallel cuts were used instead of 6.  This version still has the original nose design, but it is 50mm long and 20g in weight along with the slimmer midsection.  Only 5 sets were made.