10. CUESOUL ANTIE Hard Dart Case, Peking Opera Mask Design


Color or Design: Red
In stock


Made of tough material, durable and rigid moulded frame/structure protects the darts and accessories very well from drops and impacts.

Enough storage space for six darts in case, can hold 1 set of fully assembled darts, and keeps flights fins at perfect 90 degrees without crushing.
Perfect designed internal space and popup drawer to carry all the small accessories and cards you need for dart games.

Expanded internal storage allow to keep cards well protected or any other suited goods inside the case.

Three pads equipped inside to help extra short darts to popup when you open the cover.

Grooves on surface area to increase grip, minimize dart case drops.  Portable with straps, easy to carry with you to every game.

Personalized graffiti symbols on both sides of the case, making it different from all the others.

On Nov. 1st, 2019, CUESOUL invited the best Philippine Dart Player, Mr. Lawrence Ilagan as our sponsored player. To celebrate having Mr. Ilagan on board, we launched a special dart case for all his fans.

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