CUESOUL SHOOTER-I 18" 1-1/2" Official size tournament Kenyan Sisal bristle dartboard

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Design: Shooter+I
₩90,000 ₩120,000
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Selected grade A Kenyan sisal bristle fibers, assures the dartboard's neat and smooth surface, make all score segments more distinct under the light in competition. 

Completely staple-free construction and staple-free bullseye for increasing the score.

Ultra thin wire spider edges that help to guide the dart into the scoring bed, provide more chance to score and reduce rate of bounce-out.

Moveable number rings in matte white, easily for reading the score and conveniently for rotating the most popular areas, so you could get even wear on the board to ensure longer life for your dartboard.

Come with mounting kit instruction sheet with check-out and 3 extra unique foams to make board more tightly against the mounting wall.  

Also included is a measuring tape for proper set up measurements.

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